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Slice - make AEM development easier

Slice is a framework which simplifies Sling/Adobe AEM development by using dependency injection pattern (DI). It glues Sling and Google Guice together, allowing developers to create a code with a clean separation of concerns. You can map resources to Java models seamlessly and thanks to DI arrange your application in easily testable and maintainable code.

What can you gain?

Lean and neat code, slicker design!
Faster development thanks to dependency injection and simplicity
Improved maintenance of your code
Easy to start with and easy to learn!
Improved testability of your code
Overall costs reduced!


Separation of concerns

No more business logic in your view (JSP, Sightly scripts) - business logic's place is in Java classes and Slice knows it!

Mapping resources into Java objects

Slice allows you to map a resource into plain Java object. It's annotation-driven, very easy to use and fully extensible, so you can write your own ways of mapping if a set of available features is not enough for your needs.

Dependency Injection with Google Guice

If your AEM components are more than simple text/image/title components (and they certainly are), then you probably need to combine their functionality with some external data or more complex business logic provided by other classes. Dependency injection allows you to do this easily and keep your code testable without boiler-plate code and unneeded arguments in methods used only to propagate a value down into the class hierarchy.

We took Guice as a DI container. Why it's awesome? Take a look here: Google I/O 2009 - Big Modular Java with Guice, and here to check motivation of Google Guice creators

Latest news

Slice 4.3.2 released!

Slice 4.3.2 brings two fixes. It works correctly with error handlers as well as makes Slice compatible with CQ 5.6 again. Big thanks for Roy Teeuwen and kharris for their contribution!

Slice 4.3 released!

We're very happy to announce that the latest version of Slice framework has just been released. Version 4.3 comes with completely new features and stability fixes, including new persistance module.

Slice 4.2 released!

Dear Slice Users, We're very happy to share with you a still hot version of Slice framework – Slice 4.2. The release which we’ve done just recently is definitely not a revolution but as usual it brings a set of new features and fixes. I hope they make your dev lives easier than before and help you develop your AEM/Sling projects with bigger smiles.