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Bobcat - AEM Functional Tests Automation Framework

Bobcat is an open source test automation framework for use with any web application. It combines Java 8 and Google Guice features with a versatility of Selenium WebDriver providing a powerfull set of tools that accelerates the automation process.

Test development can be done in either pure JUnit or Cucumber-JVM for BDD approach.

Bobcat allows developing a maintainable, stable and scalable test suite for end-to-end GUI tests.

What's the philosophy behind Bobcat?


Provides set of libraries and helpers
Enforces Page Object pattern
Supports both JUnit and Cucumber


Provides set of Archetypes for project setup
Supports Continous Integration environments
Comes together with good practices


Allows parallel execution both JUnit and Cucumber tests
Supports testing on different levels (Integration, Staging, SIT...)
Integrates with majority of test clouds (Sauce Labs, Cross Browser Testing, Browser Stack...)

Tailored to AEM

Accelerates test development in AEM authoring
Provides set of libraries which allow you to test almost every action on the AEM author side

How to get it?

Bobcat is an Open Source project under Apache License, Version 2.0 available on GitHub.

Need help?

Please visit Bobcat wiki to learn more on how to use Bobcat or drop us an email.