What for

Carty is an integrated tool to create, edit, review and test Sling mappings for Adobe CQ/AEM. No more switching between Felix Console and CRX DE tabs to check if the mappings finally work as expected. No more guessing why given URL resolves to a content path or vice versa - Carty will tell exactly which entries has been applied to a given path and why. You may use an automatic mapping generator (just enter domain and content path) or manually edit your configuration if you need more precise control.


  • mapping generator - enter domain and the content path and Carty will take of everything else,
  • mapping editor - edit, move, create and delete sling:Mapping entries,
  • tester - check what will be the result of the map or resolve operation,
  • highlighter - Carty explains which entries have been applied to a specific part of the tested URL,
  • configuration - you may choose any path to create mappings, it doesn’t have to be the mapping root currently set in the Resource Resolver


Download the package and install it via the CQ package manager or compile and install from sources:

mvn clean package crx:install

Optionally, you may set Maven properties: instance.url, instance.login and instance.password.


Find Carty in the Tools menu (/miscadmin) or enter the Carty path directly: /etc/carty.html.